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The only organization advocating for cabin owners on Mt Hood National Forest Land.

Welcome to the Mt Hood Cabin Homeowners Website!

Welcome to the Mt Hood Forest Homeowners web site, a place where cabin owners can stay connected to news that affects cabin owners. The Zigzag Ranger District relys on our association to send out critical news via email and through this website.  We offer useful information about working with the USFS as well as issues owning and maintaining a USFS cabin.  Members have full access to this sight which has information about the history of your tract, your tract's historic evaluation (which can affect how you get permission for work on the exterior of your cabin) and we host most all USFS forms and documents in an easy downloadable method.  We have a large list of local service providers recommended by your fellow cabin owners. 

Start a conversation on security, wildlife, local hikes and trails or whatever you feel would be useful for other cabin owners by using the Forums function.   Currently all postings are made by designated “editors,” although comments are encouraged to be made by all members. If you feel a new conversation would be in the best interest of other cabin owners you may email the web site ( and state your topic. If it is appropriate it will be posted for others to comment on it.


Are you a new cabin owner?  Welcome to the Mt Hood Cabin Community! Be sure and join our association and then check out all the useful information packed into this new website.

We fully support our National Organization, the National Forest Homeowners (NFH) and since we are a mem
ber tract, all MHFHA members receive a $5 discount ($55 regularly) when paying their NFH dues with MHFHA dues.  We are all part of the same, unique program with the government as our landlord.  We need representation at the national level (NFH) as well as at the local level (MHFHA) - please support and join both!

NOV 23, 2021
Christmas tree permits now available for Mt. Hood National Forest

Christmas tree permits for the Mt. Hood National Forest are now available to purchase at local vendors and online through Purchase a permit, download cutting area maps, and find tree cutting tips at: are $5 per tree with a limit of 5 permits per household. charges an additional $2.50 service fee per order.

Finding and cutting a Christmas tree is a long-standing tradition and a way to spend time with family and friends on national forest lands. When following regulations and guidelines, Christmas tree cutting can also improve forest health in dense stands of small-diameter trees.

Tree cutting is prohibited along Highways 26, 35, & 216; in Wilderness; in the Bull Run Watershed and The Dalles Watershed; fire closure areas; Camp Baldwin; and other areas closed to public entry. 

Forest offices remain closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Christmas tree permits are available in person for $5 at the following local businesses:
  • Tygh Valley General Store, 57715 Tygh Valley Road, Tygh Valley, OR. 541-483-2324
  • Kramers Market, 121 Main Street, Dufur, OR. 541-467-2455
  • Wamic Market and Supply, 57016 Wamic Market Rd., Wamic, OR. 541-544-2333
  • Hood River Tum-A-Lum Lumber, 408 Hwy 35, Hood River, OR. 541-386-1001
  • The Dalles Tum-A-Lum Lumber, 240 Terminal Ave, The Dalles, OR. 541-296-5414
  • Estacada Tackle Shop, 210 SE Hwy 224, Estacada, OR. 503-630-7424
  • Estacada True Value Hardware: 310 SE Main St, Estacada, OR. 503-630-3769
  • Sandy ACE Heritage Hardware, 39181 Pioneer Boulevard, Sandy, OR. 503-668-8731
  • Hoodland Thriftway, 68280 Hwy 26, Welches, OR. 503-622-3244
  • Welches Mountain Building Supply, 67250 Hwy 26, Welches, OR. 503-622-3000
  • Mt. Hood Village Market, 73265 Hwy 26, Rhododendron, OR. 503-622-4652
  • Sportsman’s Warehouse, 9401 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR. 503-777-8700
  • Zigzag Ranger District, 70220 E. Hwy. 26, Zigzag, OR. 503-622-3191; Walk-up window open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (closed from 12:00 to 1:00). Fourth-graders can receive a free Christmas tree permit at Zigzag RD but must have their Every Kid Outdoors pass or voucher with them. Get an Every Kid Outdoors pass at:
Winter weather in the forest can change rapidly. Most forest roads are not maintained for winter driving. Forest staff recommend bringing traction devices and a shovel, extra food, drinking water, winter clothing, blankets, a flashlight, and a first aid kit. Don’t forget a tool for cutting the tree and a rope or cord to secure it to vehicles. Tree cutting and travel may take longer than anticipated, so let a friend or family member know where you’re going, get an early start, and leave the woods well before dark. 

Effective October 4, 2021, the MHFHA Dumpster program, available for dues paying members, has ceased operation for the year.  We will start back up Spring of 2022.  For more information please go to:

Dumpster Info Click Here

PROPOSED Changes and Revisions to Our Special Use Permit

Your NFH Membership Support is hard at work.

Last fall, the United States Forest Service (USFS) proposed some changes and revisions to our special use permits. The NFH Government Liaison Committee, along with legal counsel, spent time studying the proposed changes and submitted comments during the Public Comment period.

In the upcoming months, the USFS will again be posting comments on these revisions - taking into consideration many of the concerns and suggestions brought up by NFH.

There is NO call to action right now for cabin owners and NFH is requesting that cabin owners allow the NFH to continue their work with the USFS before requesting cabin owners participation.

NFH sponsored a Zoom meeting with tract leaders on March 30/31 and MHFHA attended. The main concerns regarding the proposed changes are outlined on the right.

MHFHA will notify all Mt. Hood cabin owners when the time is right to make public comments. For now, we will let NFH take the lead on this.

We will keep you updated on the website as well as emails if something important comes up.

Click below to read the full USFS Proposed Changes

Proposed Revised or Additional Standard Clauses to 12 Special Use Authorization Forms

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Rhododendron, Oregon
Rhododendron, Oregon
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Labor Day Storm Debris Clean Up

PART TWO:  Dec 2-3, 2020 Final Piles Were Picked Up and Delivered to Chipping Site:

As hard as all the volunteers worked over the November 7th weekend, the job wasn't complete.  MHFHA hired some help and on Dec 2nd and 3rd, led by MHFHA Director Ken Hoiland, the remaining piles on roads 9, 19, 28, 30A,B,C and 35 were picked up.  It consisted of 18 trips of huge truck loads of limb debris that were taken to the wood chipping site.  It took this crew of 3 16 hours to complete the hauling.  The amount of debris on the 30 roads was impressive!

The overall amount of debris from the Labor Day Storm was overwhelming and since we had never sponsored such a large project before, we had no idea how much time and man/woman power it would take.  Trevor Tree Service will complete the wood chipping later this month and stated that if the snow arrives before they are able to complete, it will be completed in the spring.  To date, MHFHA has spent or have committed to spend close to $8,000 and since we pay for the truck load to haul the wood chips away (The USFS would not allow the wood chips to be left in the forest) we won't have a final total of costs until the chipping project is complete.  We are short on funds and it's not too late to donate - click here to donate September Storm Clean Up Fund.  

Thank you to all cabin owners, directors of MHFHA and to those who donated funds!  

over the weekend of November 7-8

It was a very cold weekend and it even snowed a little, but that didn't stop over 45 cabin owner volunteers who showed up with trucks, trailers, muscle and grit to travel the 13 miles of cabin roads and collect the piles of storm tree debris that cabin owners prepared in advance.

With the donations received from many cabin owners, we were able to hire Trevor Tree Service and a crew of 3 men to run the commerical wood chipper all day Saturday and Sunday and take the wood chips off site.   

There were so many piles that it will take several more days of their service to complete the mission.

Also all of the roads were not complete - we had so many teams going out on all cabin roads as well as E. Marion Rd in Rhododendron as a service to our friends in Rhody (they also donated money to the cause) that we didn't make it to every pile.  We are asking anyone who still has a pile of debris (and by debris we mean tree limbs and branches) to notify MFHFA with your road and lot number.  We are not picking up pine cones or needles.  Please email us your road and lot number as we are hoping to get a small crew together after the recent COVID shut down that Governor Brown announced just today that is through Dec. 2nd.  Hold tight if your pile hasn't been picked up yet - we will get to it as soon as we can.

I personally want to thank my husband, Ken, who worked all day Friday helping me to organize the maps and routes and then he ran the event all day Saturday and Sunday.  He was helped by many cabin owners who really came together as a cabin community to help clean up from the Labor Day weekend wind storm.  It was great to see so many voluneers come together to help.  THANK YOU cabin owners!

Thank you also to Trevor and his team for working so hard.    September Storm Clean Up Fund


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