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The only organization advocating for cabin owners on Mt Hood National Forest Land.


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Rd 20 Road Repair
Some private home owners on E. Marian Rd have hired road repair crews to repave two sections of Road 20 once you pull off of Hwy 26 -the two sections are before the bridge as well as a 40yd section after the bridge before the turn off to E. Marian Rd.
Seventeen pot holes on Rd 20 up to the turn off to Rd 20D have been repaired.  There is need to pay for this work as well as to put gravel on the sides of the road.
Road maintenance is up to each cabin owner as stated in our special use permit so please donate today.  MHFHA will be matching funds up to a certain limit for each road.  There is a total of 13 miles of cabin roads - half are asphalt and half are gravel.  
The monies collected using this link will go solely to Rd 20, 20C, 20D and 20E.  The pot hole repair recently done is a good start but doesn't address all the road concerns for this area.
Thank you!
Progress: $ 2,470.00 received toward our goal of $ 6,500.00
Rd 20 Road Repair Paid Directly to Mike Miskowicz
For record keeping purposes, these are the cabin owners (and others) who paid Mike & Lyn Directly for the road repairs
September Storm Clean Up Fund
Monies collected here will go towards the $700 the association paid for Forest Closure and NO Chainsaws allowed.  The monies will also go towards renting equipment needed for the massive debris cleanup along the cabin tracts.  Monies will not go towards individual cabin repairs.
If money is unused, it will go into the road repair fund of all 13 miles of cabin roads.
Progress: $ 9,415.00 received toward our goal of $ 9,000.00