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Roads and Bridges

The condition and maintenance of our roads and bridges is a constant issue with most cabin owners.  The weather conditions don't help.  Gravel roads have constant pot holes because  until you fix the water/drainage issues, potholes will always reappear.  The USFS rarely has any funds to help with our roads.  Road that lead to only cabins are rarely dealt with whereas road that also lead to other public locations such as road 12 goes all the way to Trillium Lake so the USFS tends to those roads first.  

Mt Hood National Forest has over 2000 miles of roads to attend to in the forest.....our cabin roads are about 13 miles. Also on page 3 of our special use permit, under item IV E. it states SERVICES NOT PROVIDED.  This permit is for the occupancy of land for the purposes stated in this permit and does not provide for the furnishing of road maintenance, water, fire protection, or any other such service by a government agency, utility, association, or individual.   Here is a link to the permit page document that explains this:   Rd Maintenance Permit Language
To the right is a road inventory list where all Mt Hood cabins are located.  A is for Asphalt and G is for Gravel roads.   Notice that roads 3,9 and 10 are to be serviced and maintenance by Clackamas County due to where they are located.
                                                       IMG_4255_-_Copy_1054988150.JPG                                              IMG_6201_1535941518.jpeg
For cabin owners on Road 12 that miss the bridge that connects Road 20 to Road 12 know that the bridge is closed.  We learned at our July 13, 2019 annual meeting from the Forest Service that the bridge is unrepairable.  To build a new bridge it would need to be built to new codes which would impede on a few cabins on both sides.  It would also cost over a million dollars so there are no plans to replace this bridge.  
Here is a link to the full and complete inspection report of the Still Creek Bridge conducted in September of 2012:  
 Still Creek Bridge 2012 Inspection Report