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Is Buying and Owning a Cabin on National Forest Land Right for YOU?

Will a recreation residence (the US Forest service term for cabins on National Forest Lands) be the right fit for you?  Cabin owners like owning a recreation cabin on National Freost System lands because of the scenic setting, the rich history and sense of tradition, and because they appreciate the standards and regulations regarding the use and maintenance of the cabins and lots.  But this program isn't for everyone.  Before you buy you should know and understand the many regulations placed by the US Forest Service for owning and maintaining a cabin on National Forest Lands.

Familarize yourself with the documents explaining what it's like owning a cabin on Forest Service Land.  We have placed links here for your reading enjoyment!

Yes, there are many regulations and sometimes it can be hard "owning" something but you have to ask a government agency if it's ok to paint your cabin or repair your deck, but if you ask most cabin owners - they wouldn't trade in their little slice of heaven for anything!

Note that "For Sale" signs are not allowed on National Lands so if you are scouting on your own - it may be difficult to know what cabins are for sale.  For Sale signs can be placed in the windows but that can be difficult to see from the roads.  Working with a reputable realty agency that is familar with the regulations of purchasing a Forest Service cabin is highly recommended!

Probably one of the most important things to understand about owning a cabin on national land is that you can not make money off of the governement, therefore you cannot use a cabin as a vacation rental and rent on such sites as Airbnb, VRBO, Vacasa etc.  There are very strict rules about renting out a cabin - select the document below to learn more.  

Owning a Forest Service Cabin

Note that there are now 4 tracts that have historical designation (this article states 3)

Historic Tracts: Mile Bridge, Still Creek, Flag Mountain and Zigzag Ski Club