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The photo to the left was taken of a dispersed camping site right along Road 31 in between two cabin lots.  This type of unregulated camping has increased over the years causing great concern with cabin owners.  The Forest Service has increased their patrol and although camping is allowed on US Forest Lands there are some rules and regulations.  Camping is not allowed within 200 feet of any shoreline or any stream, river or lake.  Although cabin owners do not own their land, unwanted campers are not allowed to camp on a cabin owners lot.  

The scene on the left was a campsite of some summer skiers from Canada.  They had every right to camp there for up to 14 days per visit, with at least a 30 day break between visits and the total days in a year camping on forest land is 28 days.  In this particular case, the campers stayed about a week and left the site very clean.

The Zigzag Ranger does want to be notified of unregulated campers if they seem to be overstaying the 14 days or leaving trash etc.  

For a full view of the Dispersed Camping Guidelines on the Mt. Hood National Forest click here:
 Dispersed Camping Guidelines