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Renting out a Recreation Cabin on the Zigzag Ranger District

Clause 7E of the Special-Use Permit allows a permit-holder to rent-out their cabin on a very limited basis, after requesting and receiving approval from the Forest Service. The following conditions apply:

  • The amount of rental income collected may equal but not exceed the permit holder’s annual costs for the cabin. Annual costs include expenses for upkeep and maintenance that routinely occur on an annual basis. Any use above this level would be considered commercial use in violation of permit terms and conditions.

  • In addition to meeting the income collected limit, cabins may not be rented out more than 28 days a calendar year or 6 weekends during a calendar year, whichever occurs first.

  • Annual reports to the Recreation Residence Permit Administrator on rental use are required.

  • Use or renting-out of the cabin for commercial purposes is not allowed.

  • The cabin permit-holder shall remain the responsible party for any actions performed by

    individuals renting the cabin.

  • The permit-holder must make application and receive authorization to rent-out the cabin prior

    to any renters occupying the premises. (Use Exhibit A)

  • The authorization to rent-out the cabin is only valid during the calendar year in which the

    authorization was issued. The authorization must be renewed in subsequent calendar years in

    order to continue renting-out the cabin.

  • After the application is approved, the permit-holder must provide the District a completed

    "Request for Permission to Rent" (Exhibit B) each time the home is rented.

  • Exhibits A and B follow on the next pages.

    For more information, please contact Greg Martin by email at or by phone at 503- 622-2031.

Cabin Rental Application